Wow, a busy week, I feel like all I’ve done is sit around for appointments, first we had Jessica’s appointment which took a while at the docs while we updated what she’s like, the fact she almost daily now says she’d like to die, she feels like she’ll burn if she takes a bath (and […]

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Merry Christmas

Very quick post just to wish my readers a wonderful Christmas day, may you all find a little joy somewhere in something today 🙂 Thank you for following my blog and your support, I hope you all enjoy reading these posts and they make you laugh, smile or even nod your head in understanding lol.

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Santa isn’t real??!!

Well, just a short one as it’s almost 6am but did want to post before christmas day, I realised quite young Santa wasn’t real but kept up with pretence for my little brother and sister when I was kid, my mam I remember also used to take us downstairs every year and tell us we’d […]

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I don’t care…really??!!

Fml!! I’m having a hard few days with Jess, I’ve got a pounding headache my sleep pattern is completely messed up at the moment, I’ve hardly seen Courtney all week as she’s been busy and so I’m missing her, on the one hand I’m looking forward to tomorrow and seeing her, on the other, I’m […]

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all day, all night

I wonder if I lived in Australia, Jess would have a normal sleeping pattern…it’s been a pretty quiet week, but that’s because I’ve spent most of every night up instead. I’ve managed to get a decent night finally last night, after having been at the point where I don’t even know if it’s night or […]

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