Love and be loved

Sooo I’ve had a mixed time recently, I feel like I’ve been up and down more than a prozzy’s knickers lately. I’ve had good days where I’ve felt like I’m getting back on track, I’ve had awful days where I feel like even getting out of bed is a massive achievement. I’ve had blocks where […]

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Up, down and merry go round

Well, it’s been a couple of weeks since my last post but I’ve been a bit hectic and a couple of shit days ooh and my birthday. So what’s been happening, so much, where to start….my sweets page, well we’ve had all sorts of issues with that customers waiting weeks for deliveries, not receiving what […]

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Think of the good bits…

Well it’s been a stressful depressing week…cheerful start eh lol. Our cat Enju went out last Wednesday and came in seeming fine, then about 4am she started having seizures, not sure if it was one massively long one for hours or loads of little ones but it must have had such stress on her. We […]

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We live in hope…

I’ve just realised, I’ve been writing this blog now for almost 4 years! That’s four years of being up, down, going up the walls and round the bend, down to rock bottom and thanks to manic episodes on top of the world (for at least 5minutes lol) Sooo, I had my doctors appointment, and it […]

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I’m not dead yet…

6 months ago, I started struggling, I was struggling to cope with my workload, my day to day management of my schedule and life in general, I was starting to feel really low and depressed and went to my doctors, I asked about perhaps changing my medication as it was no longer working, and not […]

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Winter waffles

Well firstly, apologies, it’s been a while since my last post. I’ve had a crap few months and haven’t had the energy to write a post. So for those of you who read my blog regularly know I had my job at the pool hall which kept me sane, and with a focus. You may […]

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I am valid

Do you ever feel your life is made up of so many little clusterfucks, it’s just one big one?? That’s just how I’ve felt lately, I’ve made so many fuckup’s and mistakes and I’ve felt just completely dislodged and disconnected from myself. Not having my meds didn’t help, but I’ve realised I’ve been totally ignoring […]

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My child is bugging me…

I can say now, this is gonna be a long one so grab a cuppa, or a tall cold drink lol Well, it’s been a really shitty tough month. Given how positive I felt looking at things overall last month, I seem to have just plummeted. Sometimes, I think when things seem too good, they […]

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Young, free and 40

So, today is my last day ever in my thirties, and I have to say, I’m not worried about turning 40 but it was one of those stepping stones in life that causes you to take a step back, take stock and sum up what you’ve achieved and not achieved in this time. I’ve been […]

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Down time

When you spend 99% of your life in your own bubble, not going anywhere, not seeing anyone for weeks at a time, you forget how lonely it is…until it isn’t. Then you’re left feeling with a huge empty hole in your life. Normally, my posts are very dark and dry humoured, and sarcastic, but the […]

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Wow, I didn’t realise it had been a couple of months since my last post already, on the one hand, lockdown seems to be never ending, on the other, the year seems to be already flying by, I mean April…already….and in some ways absolutely nothing has changed since my last post, and in other ways […]

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All work and no play….

Well it’s been a quiet couple of months…kind of. Lockdown has me going nowhere so I try not to, other than groceries when I need them. Other than that I’m indoors but I have been exercising daily, at least 20mins a day, mostly now, an hour or two a day as I’m also doing the […]

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