Up, down and merry go round

Well, it’s been a couple of weeks since my last post but I’ve been a bit hectic and a couple of shit days ooh and my birthday. So what’s been happening, so much, where to start….my sweets page, well we’ve had all sorts of issues with that customers waiting weeks for deliveries, not receiving what […]

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Think of the good bits…

Well it’s been a stressful depressing week…cheerful start eh lol. Our cat Enju went out last Wednesday and came in seeming fine, then about 4am she started having seizures, not sure if it was one massively long one for hours or loads of little ones but it must have had such stress on her. We […]

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Wow, just wow!

Wey, it’s been a couple of weeks again, but omfg I haven’t stopped haha. So you may remember, the stuck up jobsworth bitch that screwed me over on the lovely house, but I said I had a couple more lined up…well I had a viewing on the 30th June. This lass, Natalie, I’ve been corresponding […]

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Round and round we go!

Wow, what a crazy couple of weeks I’ve had 😮 Anybody who knows me, knows I am not one for sitting on my arse all dad doing sweet fa. I have no idea how anyone can live unemployed and feel satisfied with life, daytime tv and no ambition, living everyday like it’s fuckin groundhog day…part […]

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Remember you?

So, this post is a little different to my usual posts, which I will catch up with tomorrow, however I found myself writing this for somewhere else and decided I wanted to share this with you, after all this is a huge part of my and my lifestyle. For years, I have tried to keep […]

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Work, mad and going more mad

Eeee, wey this is fun isn’t it…at least another 3 weeks lockdown… I reckon if we’re up and running by the end of summer, we’ll be lucky. So I’m working from home, with this utilities company. We provide gas, elec, broadband and line rental as well as mobile phones and data packages. It’s pretty good […]

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I’m going slightly mad…

Cant help but sing that in Freddie’s voice lol. The boredom is really setting in now and really digging the bottom of the barrel of things to do. Jess first told me she thought I was going insane after I made her two meals of pasta and cheese, the first had a cat drawn in […]

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